SIGMathLing - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I have to do to get access to the SIGMathLing data sets?

A: You have to fill out and sign the NDA and sign up on the KWARC GitLab with your GitHub credentials (see the “sign in with GitHub” under the login box). Then we can give you access to the datasets.

Q: Can I sign a NDA and then give access to my research group?

A: No, you cannot, every individual who handles the data set needs to sign an individual NDA. After all, the NDA is about not passing on the data set.

Q: Can I publish my Data set on the SIGMathLing Server?

A: Yes, that is the SIGMathLing is all about. We will gladly supply a repository at where you can upload your data set via git lfs. All you have to do is to supply us with a markdown-encoded data set page, such as this one and a link text for the resources page. We will do our best to make this data set persistant for the forseeable future.

Q: Does SIGMathLing also help with public data sets?

A: Even though SIGMathLing was established to allow sharing data sets that cannot be made public, we encourage public licensing of data sets. This is by far preferable for open research. Apart from access restrictions, we treat public data sets like restricted ones.