SIGMathLing - Special Interest Group on Maths Linguistics

Mathematical/Technical Documents form the backbone of the current system that conserves our scientific and technological heritage and makes it accessible to innovation. As such, they constitute one of the biggest investments of our society and form a key resource for future prosperity.

These documents are rich in structure, non-trivial in content, and currently virtually closed to machine processing due to their inherent complexity, low redundancy and limited distribution. One of the principal problems is the pervasive use of mathematical language and notation.

The Special Interest group for Math Linguistics (SIGMathLing) is a forum and resource cooperative for the linguistics of mathematical/technical documents. It aims at

  1. getting together researchers and application developers interested in maths linguistics to create a critical mass.
  2. promoting open licensing of math linguistics resources.
  3. collecting, curating, and internally/externally distributing a set of maths linguistic resources (corpora, lexica, libraries, tools, and benchmarks).

These resources are freely shared among SIGMathLing members even if they cannot be made public for licensing reasons. Members also share results of linguistic analyses to facilitate derived results (… details in the charter).

Services, technical considerations, linguistic resources, becoming a member, NDA

News (older news);

arXMLiv 2020 Dataset Released 25 Jan 2021

SIGMathLing has 9 Datasets and 22 Members 29 Sep 2019

arXiv 2019 Data Set and Embeddings Released 19 Sep 2019

Statement Classification Data Set 29 Aug 2019