SIGMathLing - Seminar

The SIGMathLing seminar is a bi-weekly (i.e. every two weeks) seminar on mathematical language. It is intended as a forum for reporting on results and new developments and discussing them with fellow enthusiasts.

Please reach out if you are interested in presenting something. We are always looking for talks.

Time, Duration, Location


We use the SIGMathLing mailing list for announcements and a mattermost channel for chat. To join the mattermost channel:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the GitLab button
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Date Speaker Title/Topic
2020-12-07 Deyan Ginev Language and mathematics pretraining in 2021: preparing the large open datasets (slides)
2020-12-21 Deborah Mendes Ferreira Premise Selection in Natural Language: Finding supporting facts for mathematical statements (slides)
2021-01-04 - cancelled (too close to New Year)
2021-01-18 Jan Frederik Schaefer A Symbolic Framework for Mathematical Language Understanding (slides)
2021-02-01 Takuto Asakura Towards Grounding of Formulae (slides)
2021-02-15 - cancelled
2021-03-01 Bernhard Schröder Framed proofs – Linguistic aspects of proof texts and frames
2021-03-15 Peter Koepke Isabelle-Naproche
2021-03-29 André Greiner-Petter TBD