SIGMathLing - Membership Management


SIGMathLing has members from

Becoming a SIGMathLing Member

To become a SIGMathLing member you have to

  1. print, sign, scan the NDA and send it to the members admin contact by e-mail
  2. SIGMathLing will counter-sign file and send you the result for your files.
  3. SIGMathLing will keep the signed NDA on file, sign you up for the mailing list, and give you access to the resource repositories.

Terminating SIGMathLing Membership

To terminate SIGMathLing membership, send an e-mail to the the members admin contact clearly stating your desire to terminate you membership. SIGMathLing will unsubscribe you from the membership roster and the SIGMathLing mailing list.